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August 11, 2002


As we approach August 16th, which is the 25th anniversary of the day Elvis passed on, we have received more and more emails asking us about Linda Thompson, who lived with Elvis for four years from 1972 to 1976. Ms. Thompson was a former Miss Tennessee, actor and songwriter. Other than Priscilla Presley, Linda Thompson was the most significant romance that Elvis ever had.


Linda Thompson was born May 23, 1951. She met Elvis on July 6, 1972, just six months after Elvis announced that Priscilla had moved into her own place in Los Angeles. Elvis and Linda hit it off immediately and they spent that entire evening together. On July 27, Priscilla filed for a formal separation from Elvis. The following weekend, Linda Thompson came to Las Vegas to spend the whole weekend of August 5 with Elvis. Elvis formally filed for divorce on August 18. Priscilla did not contest the divorce.


Was Linda Thompson a catalyst to the Elvis Presley divorce? Probably.


Sometime in 1972, not long after she met Elvis, Linda Thompson moved into Graceland with Elvis and she continued to live there together with Elvis until she decided to leave Elvis and moved out in November of 1976. During the four years she lived in Graceland, she was more of a companion to Elvis than any other woman had ever been, including Priscilla. Unlike Priscilla, Linda accompanied Elvis on tour and stayed with him in Las Vegas. She was Elvis's constant companion, lover and confidant, as well as his best friend. Although there are those who claim she robbed Elvis blind towards the end of their relationship, there is no evidence to support this claim. Those that knew Elvis best, including his father, say that Elvis and Linda were really in love and Linda was good for Elvis, even saving him from suicide at least twice.


Referring to Elvis's drug habits, Linda Thompson says that she finally had to leave Elvis because she could no longer control his self-destructiveness. She could not drag his drugged out limp body around the bedroom anymore. Not too many people know this, but in 1977 Elvis's physician, Dr. George Nichopoulos, prescribed an average of 25 narcotic and amphetamine pills per day for Elvis. (The doctor was sued for malpractice after Elvis died; he was acquitted.)


Linda Thompson is probably the third most famous mistress of the 20th century, behind Camilla Parker-Bowles and Marion Davies. What do the stars have to say about Linda and Elvis?





When a young woman moves from relative obscurity into the limelight because of a romantic relationship with a very famous man, the woman is often described as having become some sort of Cinderella. In Magi Astrology, we call the period of time when a woman can have such an experience her Cinderella Time. One of the great advantages of Magi Astrology is that it is the only form of astrology that can help you to recognize a person's Cinderella Time, including your own.


As revealed in our third book, Chiron is the planet that gives us the sign of a Cinderella. A man can also have a Cinderella Time. In our third book and on this website, we explain that you are having a Cinderella Transit whenever transiting Venus, or Jupiter, or Neptune or Pluto makes a MAGIcal Angle to your natal Chiron. You are also having a Cinderella Transit whenever transiting Chiron is making a MAGIcal Angle to your natal Sun, or Venus, or Jupiter, or Neptune or Pluto.


When a normal person is having Cinderella Transits, and meets a famous person during that time, the normal person has the possibility of a dramatic and life-altering change in his or her life and becomes viewed by others as a Cinderella. In our research, the Magi Society finds that when a common person meets a famous person and becomes a Cinderella because a romantic relationship ensues, it is just about always the case that the normal person was having very powerful Cinderella Transits on the day they met. This was certainly the case with Linda Thompson. On July 6, 1972 when she first met Elvis, Linda was having two very powerful Cinderella Transits.


Below is a CAC that shows Linda Thompson's transits on the day she met Elvis. The planets in black represent the positions of the planets when Linda was born and the planets in red represent the transiting planets in the sky on the day she first met Elvis Presley.



As you can see in the above chart, on the day that Linda Thompson first met Elvis Presley, Linda Thompson was having two very powerful Cinderella Transits. Transiting Jupiter was conjunct her natal Chiron and transiting Chiron was trine her natal Pluto. It is very rare that two such powerful Cinderella Transits can both occur at the same time for anyone. Whenever two or more Cinderella Transits occur at the same time in your chart, the chances are high that something life altering is about to occur and others may later look upon you as a Cinderella of sorts.


(We documented some of this in our third book. For example, when Evita met Juan Peron, and when Bianca met Mick Jagger, both women had two very powerful Cinderella Transits.)


For the next four years, Linda Thompson was the envy of millions of women - she was sleeping with Elvis Presley. Because of this, millions of women looked upon Linda and thought "What a lucky woman!" and in that sense, Linda was a Cinderella to those people.


However, Linda and Elvis never married. So it would be more accurate to say that Linda Thompson was an Incomplete Cinderella. If we look at the CAC formed between Elvis and Linda, we would know one of the main reasons why they never married. They did not form a Romantic Super Linkage. As we have written over and over again, the most reliable astrological sign that two persons could get married is that their natal charts form at least one Romantic Super Linkage.


This is what we explained in the link about the breakup of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake that was posted May 5 on this website:



"Magi Astrology provides you with unbiased and reliable rules to help you tell the difference between lust and love. According to Magi Astrology, you can tell the difference by checking for Romantic Super Linkages and Sexual Linkages. When a couple forms at least one Romantic Super Linkage, it is the most reliable astrological sign they could fall in love (and get married). When a couple form Sexual Linkages, it is the most reliable astrological sign they could fall in lust.

More importantly, Magi Astrology teaches us that it is nearly impossible for two persons to fall in love (and get married) unless they form at least one Romantic Super Linkage. This means that unless you form a Romantic Super Linkage with someone, it is almost impossible to actually be in true love with that person, and vice versa.


A Romantic Super Linkage is a Linkage formed by three planets, one of which must be Chiron (and only one of which is Chiron, for example, Chiron and Venus and Mars or Chiron and Pluto and Neptune or Chiron and any two other planets). There are two ways to form a Romantic Super Linkage:


First way: one person has a Chiron aspect and the other person has a planet that links to Chiron.


Second way: one person has an aspect and the other person's Chiron links to one of the planets that forms the aspect.


(In both of the above ways to form a Romantic Super Linkage, an aspect is any 30-degree type aspect.)

A Sexual Linkage is a Linkage formed by two Sexual Planets. There are three Sexual Planets and they are Mars, Pluto and again Venus.


Obviously, a Sexual Linkage creates sexual attraction and a Romantic Super Linkage creates emotional attachments and bonds (and is the most reliable sign that both persons could be willing to COMMIT to a permanent relationship and get married)."


[The above is a repeat of what we posted on our site on May 5. The words that are enclosed in parentheses above were added by us today for clarification and emphasis.]




Below is a CAC of Elvis and Linda. The planets in black represent the positions of the planets when Linda Thompson was born and the planets in red represent the positions of the planets when Elvis was born.



The above CAC shows the main linkages formed between Elvis and Linda. They had two Venus-Mars Sexual Linkages, one Cinderella Linkage and a Sun-Pluto linkage (which is very obsessive since Pluto is ruler of obsessions).


The two Sexual Linkages Linda and Elvis formed were not normal run of the mill Sexual Linkages. In both cases, the position of the Sun enhanced the attraction. These are really Super Linkages since they are linkages formed between an ASPECT and a planet. In the longitudes, Linda has a Sun-Mars conjunction and this conjunction links to Elvis's Venus. In the declinations, Linda also has a Sun-Mars aspect (a parallel) and Elvis's Venus also links to that aspect. To have the same three planets linked in both the declinations and the longitudes is very rare and greatly increases the resulting attraction. Such alignments are called REINFORCED SUPER LINKAGES. Since the base is in each case a Sexual Linkage, Elvis and Linda had a Reinforced Super Sexual Linkage.


So now we know the astrology of why Elvis was so attracted to Linda Thompson.


As you can see, they had no Romantic Super Linkages. The closest the two of them got to a Romantic Super Linkage was that Linda's Chiron links to Elvis's Jupiter-Chiron aspect in the declinations. But this is not really a Romantic Super Linkage because you need three different planets to form Romantic Super Linkages, as explained above. In this example, the planets are Chiron, Jupiter, and Chiron again. This does not qualify as a Romantic Super Linkage. (Just as in the case of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, the closest thing they had to a Romantic Super Linkage is that Britney's Chiron links to Justin's Mars-Chiron aspect in the declinations. Such alignments are known at the Magi Society as MISLEADING SUPER LINKAGES, because they are misleading. They are strong enough to make two people think they are in love but not strong enough to create the actual marriage itself.)


After Elvis passed on, Linda Thompson married Bruce Jenner, the 1976 Olympic Decathlon Champion. Bruce was born on October 28, 1949 and his chart formed several Romantic Super Linkages with Linda's chart. Jenner was married to his college sweetheart when he met Linda and he got divorced in order to marry Linda.


Below is the CAC for Linda Thompson and Bruce Jenner. The planets in black represent the positions of the planets when Linda Thompson was born and the planets in red represent the positions of the planets when Bruce Jenner was born.




Quite obviously from the above CAC, Jenner and Thompson formed strong Romantic Super Linkages, and we believe that these linkages helped to create both the desire and need to get married. (Jenner's Chiron links to Linda's Jupiter and Uranus and her Uranus and Jupiter both link to Jenner's Chiron and Sun. This also forms Symmetrical Combined Planetary Geometry.)

From what we have read, Bruce's first wife worked very hard for over four years to support Bruce while he was training for the Olympics; she worked to help Bruce fulfill his dream of an Olympic gold medal. It seems he was not exactly loyal or honorable to his first wife since he repaid her by divorcing her. If this is true, we think it is pretty unforgivable but we know these things happen. The Magi Society does not like to make public judgements but we do think that everyone should be loyal to those who have helped them. Magi Astrology will not prevent disloyalty but it can help you answer key questions in your life, and it can help you from making a crucial mistake.


There is a lot more to Magi Astrology than our three books and the material on this website. We intend to write more books eventually but for a while, we are going to focus on teaching our members secrets of Magi Astrology that have not yet been published. This is done through our Members Only Website. For example, we have already taught our members the most reliable sign that a woman is more likely to be a mistress rather than a wife. This "MISTRESS FACTOR" works perfectly with Linda Thompson and Elvis. If you would like information on joining the Magi Society, and information on other benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.



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